3c Sigma Water

3C Sigma Water ProMAX

The 3C Sigma Water ProMAX water filtration and softening system stands out for its uniqueness and excellence in providing purer, softer and healthier water for the entire home.

Thanks to its 3-stage system, this softener effectively reduces unwanted contaminants, such as calcium, magnesium and iron, while optimizing water efficiency. This significantly improves cleaning procedures and reduces reliance on soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Its patented catalytic carbon technology improves the taste and aroma of water, allowing you to enjoy more delicious food and beverages.It also removes suspended solids and sediment, ensuring a cleaner and safer home.


Handles all system operations with precision and efficiency.

Reduces chlorine and chloramine, ensuring fresher, healthier water for the whole family.

Corrosion resistant to ensure long system life.

They ensure consistent and superior water quality.

Keeps the system operating optimally in all weather conditions.

Performed exclusively by certified professionals.

Why install a water softener?

These soap and detergent residues cause the feeling of rough towels, and unwanted soap residues.

When detergents with a lot of chemicals or simply hard water are used, our utensils and glassware often show residues that are not aesthetically pleasing.

Using this type of water softener prevents mineral build-up in the water heater and other water-using appliances.

This advanced descaling system has features that set it apart in its own category:

3C Sigma Water ProMAX features


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