3c Sigma Water

Kitchen faucet with drinking water filter

With an innovative design, our pull-down kitchen faucet not only offers functionality and style, but also incorporates a small purified water filter faucet directly into its structure.

This faucet eliminates the need to install a separate faucet filter at the kitchen sink, which in turn saves space and simplifies kitchen setup.

With this integrated solution, you’ll enjoy clean, fresh water straight from the faucet, without compromising the aesthetics or practicality of your kitchen space.


To meet life's daily needs, the 18-inch drop-down hose is easy to clean, has no blind spots and can be used in almost any sink.

Lead-free solid brass material, healthier, safer and more durable. Commercial high arc kitchen sink faucet, brushed nickel finish.

Includes 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch quick connectors, and a 3/8-inch threaded connector, easily attaches to your reverse osmosis system.

Why install a kitchen faucet with drinking water filter?

Installation of the pull-down faucet with integrated filter is highly recommended, especially in apartments where convenience and space efficiency are valued. This type of faucet eliminates the need for modifications in kitchens that have limited space for installation.

Convenient design

These faucets not only add a modern touch to the space, but also simplify installation and optimize the use of space. In this article, we will highlight key design features that make them a smart choice for any home.